About Us

Miphiba was established in 2017 by Sizwe Mabandla (Chairman) and has since inception built a solid track record advising the public sector on projects in infrastructure, transport, energy, PPP, and ICT. This has included several fund-raising mandates within these sectors and entailed venturing into efficient farming.

Critical Success Factors
The following factors are of great importance to total service provision, people, price, product, promptness and service quality. In pursuit of professionalism, the company seeks to develop and forever maintain the deal pipeline across various sectors.

Our initiatives provide the municipality districts we implement our solutions in with savings on expenses which means the funds can be redirected from the traditional power budget to local economic development resulting in local economic growth and improved service delivery.

Our Vision

Reduce environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emission

Develop Renewable infrastructure through Solar, Biogas and Wind Energy

Skills development in Rural communities & Enterprise development

Provision of affordable Energy efficient solution for Rural and low income households

Developing, provision, installation and management of Energy Technologies through municipal structures

Innovative Solutions

We aspire to amplify our efforts by working closely with customers to identifying, assessing, and managing all activities, inputs, outputs, outcomes and the impact needed in regard to appropriate and relevant solutions.

The distinguished approach to real challenges and relevant solutions put the team ahead of others. Therefore, the new benchmarks and eclectic imperatives are forever revisited and reviewed.

Strategic Approach


  • Professional Service and offer solutions to intertwined challenges
  • Ensure total customer orientation within organizations
  • Excellent service quality
  • Exceed customer satisfaction