Renewable Energy

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We use renewable energy to contribute to the green economy.

Our Services

BioMass (BioGas)

For cooking, waste management in farms and Municipal Waste Management

Biogas digesters

Convert organic waste into biogas (up to 65% methane)

Digesters provide clean and sustainable energy

Proposed installations are rural household digesters for houses with domestic animals, Pit Toilets and Organic Waste

Solar Water Heaters 

Water can reach 90°C in Summer and 70°C in winter

Eskom offers rebate for SWH

Can be effective in off-grid areas for hot water provision

Can be done as stand-alone systems or mini grid

Preferable in rural areas and low-cost houses

Grid Tied Systems

Electricity Generation from Solar Home Systems

Excess Electricity to feed back to the Municipal grid

Solar PV’s lighting

Solar PV’s lighting

Mini Off grid systems

Energy Efficiency Projects

Replacement of Lighting with LED Bulbs

Installation of occupancy sensors in Municipal and Government Buildings

Solar Street lighting

Mast Lights and Post Top Lighting

Lighting used in Townships

The main source of electrical complaints from residents

Main Problems High Mast Lights

High maintenance costs

Short life span of HPS results in prolonged dark spots

Post Tops called “candles” by some communities

Low light levels on ground

Very bad yellow light

Bad lighting results in increased crime levels in Townships

The Benefits of these Projects

  • Creation of Jobs and Poverty alleviation
  • Skills development and Skills transfer
  • Training can be conducted in various municipalities within the province as pilot programmes
  • At least 70% of the initial 750 trainees from the pilot project will be women and all of the trainees will be youth.
  • The program will target unemployed graduates from Universities and colleges.
  • Grade 10-12 school leavers some of whom do not have money to further their studies.
  • Semi-skilled and self-taught plumbers, builders and electricians from the rural areas
  • Enterprise development and Local Cooperatives.