Recycling Projects

We have a passion for the environment and are committed to reusing waste in the areas we operate with a focus on job creation through various innovative manufacturing projects.

The milling industry in the Maclear and Ugie area results in unused off cuts of the regions pine trees. We will be using this waste product to manufacture goods while creating jobs for the local community.


We will be producing a proudly Eastern Cape charcoal that uses the off cuts of pine trees in the region converting it to charcoal which will be packaged and retailed.


We are manufacturing toothpicks from the left-over waste material in the milling process of pine trees that will be packaged and sold through various channels.

Our Core Strength

Our large and well-established network and strategic partnerships offer the draw-down support on professional services across the spectrum and boldly traverse chartered and unchartered territories. Our expert and diverse knowledge helps to offer the appropriate value proposition to all customers across the value chain.